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TIerra, polvo, tumba

written for Aleph Guitar Quartet

Festival Mixtur Commission

"...et j'ai perçu ce vol étrange..."

premiere january 2017 bu Anssi Karttunen

Commission for Allabreve broadcast and Festival Présences 2017 ("Kaija Saariaho", portrait)

Hyle. Les géants de Vico

For String Quartet and electronics,

Cursus 2 Ircam piece in collaboration of Voix Nouvelles of Royaumont.

Premiere by Diotima String Quartet in Royaumont (september 2014).


Ircam Computer Music Design Núria Giménez-Comas
Ircam Pedagogical advisor Gregoire Lorieux and spatialisation advises of Markus Noisternig
Ircam Sound Engineer Melina Avenati

Abraxas M

for electronics and video of Dan Browne

acousmatic work for the vidéo "Abaraxas" of Dan Browne premiere in Académie Manifeste

(5.1 and stereo, June 2013)

Red harsh

for violin and electronics

Cursus 1 piece premiere in ESPRO (Espace de Projection) of IRCAM de Paris by Constance Ronzatti. Edited by BABELSCORES

Recovery Zones

for orchestra and electronics

for orchestra and electronics, premiere by Orchestre de l'HEMGE with Nicolas

Chalvin as conductor (Master2 examen). Edited by BABELSCORES

DcCo Machine

for sextet

Commission-prize of Colegio de España-INAEM 2012 premiere and dedicated to Ensemble Diagonal at Colegio de España de Paris (CIUP) with Rut Schereiner as conductor.

(mars 2014)

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