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Other interviews:

- Interview with Lambert Wilson "Entre les mots et les notes" at "Le Temps"


- Interview about "Back into Nothingness" premiere with Hèctor Parra at Matinale, France Musique

- Interview at "Assaig General" of Catalunya Música (Catradio) with Albert Torrens

- Interview with Omer Corlaix, Musiques contemporaines XX-XXI


- "Hyle. Les géants de Vico. Listening space/ perceiving space: the forest inside the concert hall". Sonograma Magazine













- "Sobre imaginario sonoro y poesía" (spanish) in Diálogos of Ciklus Ensemble

- Rigueur — Thierry Paul & Michael Schmidt, Spartacus Editions


(from other authors)



- DISSONANCE : Les projets Orchis. Grégoire Carpentier, Victor Cordero, Éric Daubresse (Dissonance 119, September 2012). Analyze of the work with software Orchis in my piece "L'ombre du rêve" (among other pieces)
-> Musical examples

- La prise de l’IRCAM? Spanish Composers Facing New Technologies, by Jose L. Besada. Contemporary Music Review, Volume 38, 2019


- Twentieth-Century Music and Mathematics, R. Illiano (ed.). Pedro Ordóñez Eslava: "Ars combinatoria: poéticas del número en la composición española contemporánea (1980-2018). Breve antología inacabada"

Other texts

- "Trois points sur la perception sonore : image sonore, masquage et illusion sonore" (Master dissertation, September 2012)


Articles about my work:

- Interview by Michèle Tosi, at Hemisphère Son

- Tierra, polvo, tumba, of Aina Vega i Rofés at Barcelona Classica

- About my work and other composers, by musicologist Marina Hervás in the occasion of the premiere "Feedback" by the Trio Feedback at the Badajoz Festival (Spain)

- Sul Ponticello

- Brahms - Ircam

About "Back into Nothingness", other articles/interviews:

- Interview with Spirito Choir - web site

- Institut Ramon Llul - Newsletter

- Article at "El Compositor habla"

- Sonograma review - report

- Interview de J.P. Jourdain, artistic director of TNP (Popular National Theater, Villeurbanna-Lyon)

About "Notre besoin de consolation", Lambert Wilson articles/interviews:

- Article at La Tribune de Genève

- Interview for the main daily newscast on Swiss TV

- Show « La Puce à l’Oreille » on Swiss TV

- Interview for the Swiss Radio






Other links - Collaborations (under construction) :

Musicians :

Aleph Guitar Quartet

Anssi Karttunen


Orquestra de Cadaqués

Carla Huhtanen

Ensemble Contrechamps

Dalia Quartet

Ensemble Diagonal

Quatuor Diotima

Elena Copons

Espai Sonor Ensemble

Lluisa Espigolé

Laurent Mariusse

Geneva Camerata

Harry Sparnaay et Jean-Pierre Dupuy

IEMA - Ensemble

Marie Ythier

Trío Morelia

Ensemble Proxima  Centauri

Collectif Zone(s) de Combat

Choeur Spirito


Lambert Wilson

Michel Derville

Video Artists :

Dan Browne

Writer :

Laure Gauthier


Giuseppe Frigeni

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Sonograma Magazine Hyle

Hemisphère son

- Interview by Michèle Tosi for the platform Hemisphère Son

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ZKM live broadcasting

- Interview with Ludger Brümmer in the occasion of live broadcasting concert with Aleph Guitar Quartet at ZKM


France Musique

- Alla Breve with Anne Montaron and Anssi Karttunen in France Musique:


Alla Breve sequences


Radio Classica

- Interview with J. L. Besada at Música Viva about the postponed premiere "The Second Coming" at GMEM

Captura de pantalla 2020-07-12 a les 22.


- Interview about "music and Poetry" with Laure Gauthier by Florence Trocme-Poezibao


Cat Radio

- Interview with Joan Vives i Ester Pinart at "Tots els matins del món" (Catradio)


Cat Radio

- Interview with Xavier Chavarría at "Assaig General" of Catalunya Música (Catradio)


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