Digital CD:

"Nostalgia for light" and "Ad limen caeli" works for orchestra, Benjamin Shwuartz conductor, Sylvain Cadars sound director, OBC Orchestra at L'Auditori of Barcelona.


"Turn on, tune in, drop out" of Fanny Vicens with "De l'intérieur"


“Tierra, polvo, tumba" (2018-19) for guitar quartet, commission by Festival Mixtur for Aleph Guitar Qurtet. Live recording of SWR2 of the concert at Hospitalkirche Stuttgart.


“Tierra, polvo, tumba", ZKM studio recording with Sebastian Schottke, sound director

"Le geste augmentée" of Marie Ythier with "Naissance des mots"

“ j'ai perçu ce vol étrange..." (2016) for cello solo, commission by Radio France (Alla Breve, Festival Présences) for Anssi Karttunen. Live recording of the premiere concert at Studio 104 of Radio France

Intégrale, Alla Breve Broadcast

Presences Broadcast

Audios of Núria Giménez in Soundcloud