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Nostalgie 2175 © Clémence Kazémi


Older and last projects-research

'Hylé, Les géants de Vico'. Cursus 2 for Diotima Quartet: analyze and recreation of these scenes in the instrumental writing, dealing with the concept of time and space in the context of musical speech, ambisonics 3D spatialisation system.


Research projects:

- Artistic Research Residency at Ircam for 2018 in collaboration with Marlon Schumacher. Sculpturing space: Re/Synthesis of Complex Spatial 3D Sound Structures. In collaboration with the Acoustic and Cognitive Spaces team and the ZKM. Installation and Lecture at ZKM: Sculpting Space ("à l'intérieur de clôches et autres miniatures)


- "Musique-fiction" Nostalgie 2175 of Anja Hilling, with Anne Montfort in ambisonics 3D spatialisation system, and also stage version for 2022 "Day for night" production, IRCAM commission. Tour of theater play 2022-23 and 2023-24

- New Micro-Opera project, "Shadow, Eurydice says" freely adapted from the original text of Elfriede Jelinek, with Anne Monfort and Alicia Serrat, Gran Teatre del Liceu production, collaboration with Elisava Arts School

- NEW CD: L'Auditori Label, orchestral works conducted by Benjamin Shwartz and sound director Sylvain Cadars with OBC Orchestra

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