Last and current projects-research

'Hylé, Les géants de Vico'. Cursus 2 project with collaboration of Royaumont (Voix Nouvelles), analyze and recreation of these scenes in the instrumental writing, dealing with the concept of time and space in the context of musical speech. In the electronic part working with resynthesis of complex sounds and recorded noises and the spatialization of textures and scapes in a 3D space.


Recent research projects:

- "Back into nothingness", commission by Ircam-Grame with the "Aide à l'écriture" of Ministère de la Culture et la Communication for a dramatic piece for actor, choir and electronics for Choeur Spirito. Premiere at Biennale Musique en Scène 18 - Festival Archipel 18

-> About the project-Interview (Spirito)

- Artistic Research Residency at Ircam for 2018 in collaboration with Marlon Schumacher. Sculpturing space: Re/Synthesis of Complex Spatial 3D Sound Structures. In collaboration with the Acoustic and Cognitive Spaces team and the ZKM. Installation and Lecture at ZKM: Sculpting Space ("à l'intérieur de clôches et autres miniatures)




- "Nostalgia for light, Yearning for..." Commission for orchestra by Auditori of Barcelona for OBC Orchestra (2020-21), premiere by Duncan Ward and session recordings with Benjamin Shwartz

- "Musique-fiction" Nostalgie 2175 of Anja Hilling, with Anne Montfort in ambisonics system. And also stage version for 2022