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"Tierra, polvo, tumba"

for guitar quartet, by Aleph Guitar Quartet. Recording at ZKM, by Sebastian Schottke, sound director, video by Incipitsify, Cedric Feys

"No more words" excerpt at Liceu Off


"No More Words" for voice, electronics and live video performance at Liceu Off Festival at Gran Teatre del Liceu (Barcelone)

Soprano: Elena Copons

"Notre besoin de consolation"


commission of Geneva Camerata from Stig Dagerman's text, premiere at Victoria Hall with Lambert Wilson

"Pour apaiser le vent et les vagues"

for quintet (and optional spatialisation tape), comission of Ensemble Espai Sonor with the finantial support of INAEM

Festival de Ensembles, Vigo

"De profunditat"

for piano by Lluisa Espigolé at Sala Berlanga, SACEM Foundation (Madrid)

"Next Coming. Longing for.."

for saxo and percussion (with transductors), by Duo Airs. Après le tremblement... coproduction from Le Vivier, l’EUNIC, et Duo AIRS.

Live images with "No more words"


by Dan Browne, "No More Words" for voice, electronics and live video performance was presented as part of a 2015 residency at Soundstreams in Toronto.

Soprano: Carla Huhtanen

Red harsh

piece for violin and electronics (Cursus 1 of Ircam), premiere Constance Ronzatti at ESPRO (stereo reduction)



acousmatic, for the vidéo "Abaraxas" of Dan Browne premiere in Académie Manifeste 2013

(stereo reduction from 5.1 version)

L'ombre du rêve

piece for ensemble and electronics (2011), HEMGE Ensemble with Jose Gómez conductor

Von Contrapunctus VI


for Daila Quartet, divertimento, Juan March Fondation

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