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Music for stage

Theater, Opera


Nostalgie 2175

from a text of Anja Hilling,

Commission of Ircam-Pompidou Center

Two Pieces, Two formats:

"Musique-fiction" acusmatic piece in ambisonics

Stage Work with "Day for night" Company,

both with Anne Monfort

Shadow. Eurydice says

Small Chamber Opera

From a text of Elfriede Jelinek

Commission of Gran Theater of Liceu (Barcelone)

freely adapted by Anne Monfort and N.G.C

stage conductor Alicia Serrat, music conductor Nestor Bayona, scenography by Elisava Design School, coordinated by Sebastia Brosa

Soloist: Helena Ressurreiçao

Supervision by stage director Alex Olle


"(...) The Rock and heavy-metal mixes magically with lyrical and rhetoric of the protagonist. Full of metaphors, the opera surprises us (...)"

"Shadows. Eurydice says consacre cette soirée dédiée au théâtre musical, par sa relecture intéressante du mythe, la force du verbe et une approche sonore du texte poétique qui bouleverse."

"(...) The text, between a singing and spoken monolog, reaches a continuous and free-flowing prose, (...) also the sound of the viola, electric guitar, piano and electronics are very adapted for the dramaturgy, as a new connexion of the metaphorical speech (...)"

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