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- 2022 -


17 September

"Love from afar" acusmatic piece-installation for the 70th anniversary of Kaija Saariaho. Festival Musica, Strasbourg, Palais des fêtes

17 September

"Von Contrapunctus VI" for string quartet by Quartetto Maurice, String Quartets Biennal from L'Auditori of Barcelona

2, 3 October

"Clairobscur" for saxophone quartet, Sigma Project commission with INAEM fundings. Festival de Musica de Canarias

Gran Canaria and Tenerife

5 November

"Notturno II" for quartet (vn, vc, cl, perc) by Diachronie Ensemble in the framework of "Obscurité" concerts with light performance, Musée d'art et d'histoire de Friburg

24, November

"Naissance des mots" for cello and electronics by Arxis Ensemble, Conservatori Profesional de Culleredo, A Coruña. 

3, 4 December

"How to break a" written with Sirah Martinez for percussion quartet, in the framework of "Out of the Cage" family show from Frame Percussion, L'Auditori (Barcelone)

8, December

"No more words" for soprano and electronics, by Stephanie Lamprea and Alistair MacDonald, SOROCHE: music on heights and climate, Theatre of CCA, Glasgow


9, December

"Clairiere.Ouverture" first part of a project "Clairière" with the poet Laure Gauthier, commission by CIRM (Nice) and written for Proxima Centauri Ensemble, RIM Christophe Lebreton. PREMIERE

"The Second Coming" for soprano, piano and electronics will be also performed

10, December

"Naissance des mots" for cello and electronics, by Marie Ythier at Auditorium of Lyon, Grame

10, December

"De l'intérieur" for accordeon and electronics, by Fanny Vicens at Nuova Consonanza Festival (Roma)

7-15 December

"Nostalgie 2175" theater piece of "Day for night" Cie Anne Monfort, Ircam-Centre Pompidou commission at TNS Strasbourg

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- 2023 -

11 January

Direct- Radio broadcast "Metaclassics" of David Christoffel, with Laure Gauthier, Frank Smith and Anne-Christine Royère,  Bibliotèque du Centre Pompidou, Paris

26 February

"Tierra, polvo, tumba" for guitar quartet by Aleph Guitar Quartet at Tonart Festical, Esslingen

29 March

"Clairière. Ouverture" for quartet, mezzosoprano and electronics, with a text by Laure Gauthier by Proxima Centauri Ensemble at Opera Bordeaux.

Commission by Cirm-Manca and collaboration of Ircam, voices off by David Christoffel and Laure Gauthier, RIM Christophe Lebreton

13-15 April

"How to break a" written with Sirah Martinez for percussion quartet and electronics, in the framework of "Out of the Cage" family show from Frame Percussion, Auditorium du Noveau Siècle (LILLE)

27 April

"De l'intérieur" for accordeon and electronics, in the framework of "Turn on, Tune in, Drop out!" show by Fanny Vicens, lights by Thomas Köppel, at Lux Scene National, Valence

12 Mai

"Notturno I" for quintet by Platypus Ensemble at Suena Festival, Reaktor, Vienna

17 June

"Coratge" piece-promenade for voice, oboe and 3 performers, for Ensemble Itinéraire, concert at forêt de Chantilly Mondes Sonores. From a text by Laura Lopez Granell and Hildegard Von Bingen, commission of Ensemble Itinéraire, PREMIERE


14, 16 October

"The Land of Heart Desire" for countertenor Carlos Mena and Ensemble, based on a text by Paul B. Preciado, première by Ocaz Enigma Ensemble with Asier Puga conductor. L'Auditori (Barcelona)-Festival Mixtur and  Auditorio de Zaragoza, commission by Auditori of Barcelona, CNDM and OcazEnigma. PREMIERE







18 November

"LLum i matèria. Pour Kaija" installation-concert for ensemble in space, electronics and lights, commission of Ensemble Itinéraire 50th Anniversary, with the "Aide à l'écriture d'oeuvre originale" French Ministry of Culture

Premiere at ESPRO (Espace de Projection) at Ircam, Paris

18 December

"Portrait-concert: Beyond presence" with Helena Ressurreiçao and Lluïsa Espigolé at Palau de la Música, KM0 (Barcelona) by BCN Classics

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