ORCHESTRA (with and without electronics)

- « Ad limen caeli » for chamber orchestra (2018). Commission by Orquestra de Cadaqués with the help of SGAE Foundation. Première at Auditorio de Madrid-Palau de la Música de Catalunya, 7’20’’

⁃ "Notre besoin de consolation" (Our need of consolation, 2017) for chamber orchestra and actor, with the text of Stig Dagerman, commission of Geneva Camerata. Premiere by Lambert Wilson and Geneva Camerata, David Greilsammer as conductor at Victoria Hall, Geneva, 20'

⁃ "Uns instants davant del mar" (Some instants in front of the sea, 2012) for chamber orchestra, premiere by OCG (Orchestre de Chambre de Genève) with David Greilsammer conductor. 6'


⁃ " Recovery Zones " (2012) for orchestra and electronics, premiere by Orchestre de l'HEMGE with Nicolas Chalvin as conductor (Master2 examen). Edited by BABELSCORES, 14'30''


ENSEMBLE (with and without electronics)


⁃ "La demeure d'Astérion" (The house of Asterion 2013-2014) for reciter and ensemble, with the text of J.L. Borges "La casa de Asterión", commission by Geneva Camerata, premiere by Michel Derville reciter and David Greilsammer conductor at Théâtre La Comédie of Geneva

   reciter fl ob cl bn hn perc vn1 vn2 vc, 11'


⁃ “ L'ombre du rêve “ (The shadow of the dream 2011) pour ensemble and electronics, premiere by HEMGE Ensemble.

   fl cl bn hn tpt tbn perc pf vn va vc db elec, 12'30''


⁃ “ Colors d'arborescència “ for ensemble (Arborescence colours 2009-2010) premiere by Martinu Ensamble, Barcelone


- “Dans le crépuscule fané” for ensemble and mezzo-soprano (In the fade crepuscle 2009) premiere by HEMGE Ensemble.


CHAMBER MUSIC (with and without electronics)


- « Notturno II » for quartet (Clarinet, Violin, Cello and Percussion, 2019), commission by BBVA Foundation, première by Sonido Extremo conducted by Jordi Francès, 7’

- « Feedback Sounds » for trio (Saxophone, Accordion and Double-Bass, 2019), commission of CNDM, première by Feedback Trío at « Ciclo de Música Contemporánea » of Badajoz, 6’

- « Notturno I » for quintet (Flute, Clarinet, Piano, Violin, Cello, 2019), commission by Grupo Enigma with the help of INAEM. Première by Grupo Enigma, conducted by Asier Puga, 8’

- « Tierra, polvo, tumba » for guitar quartet (2019), commission of Mixtur Festival. Première by Aleph Guitar Quartet, 9’

- « Von contrpunctus VI » (2018) divertimento for string quartet, premiere by Dalia Quartet at Fundación Juan March, Madrid, 4’

- "Des bouts de nuit" (2016-17) for quartet (electric guitar, drum kit-percussion, clarinet, cello) and electronics. Commission of Pesm-Bourgogne and Grame. Premiere in Créa'Scène 2017 Théatre Mansart, Dijon-Théâtre de la Rennaissance (Lyon), 11'

- “Modulations mecaniques” (2015-16) for quartet and electronics, commission of Proxima Centauri Ensemble and supported by “Aide à l'écriture du Ministère de la Culture et la Communication (France)”. Premiere at Rocher de Palmer (Bordeaux)

   fl sx pf perc elec, 12'

- “Pour apaiser le vent et le vagues” (2015) for quintet, INAEM (National Institute of Performing Arts of Spain) Commission for Ensemble Espai Sonor, "Encuentros sonoros" Tour 2015 : Premiere at Auditorio de Zaragoza

   sx perc acc pf vc - 11'

- "De besllum. Estudi de forces de pertorbació 1" (2014) for violin, piano and electronics, commission of Ensemble BCN216, permiere by Elena Rey and Alex Ramírez (BCN216) at Palau de la Música Catalana (Barcelone), 7'

- “Hyle. Les géants de Vico” (Hyle. The giants of Vico 2014) piece of cursus 2 of Ircam in collaboration Fondation Royaumont. Premiere by Diotima String Quartet in Royaumont

   vn1 vn2 va vc, elec 18'


⁃ « DcCo Machine. Construction from deconstruction » (2013) pour sextet, commission-prize of Colegio de España-INAEM 2012 premiere and dedicated to Ensemble Diagonal at Colegio de España de Paris (CIUP) le 6 mars 2014 with Rut Schereiner as conductor

   vn cl sx perc acc db 9'


⁃ " In-harm " (2012) for wind quintet, 1r Prix du Concours pour jeunes compositeurs Edison-Denisov, premiere by Ensemble Contrechamps. 9'


⁃ “ En la força del seu silenci “ (In the strength of his silence 2010-11) for piano trio, premiere at Académie Musicale de Villecroze by Klangforum Wien trio (Annette Bik, Andreas Lindenbaum et Mathilde Horsiangou). 11'


⁃ « En tombar-se descobrí el cel, i els estels... » for Bass clarinet, piano and tape (Falling he discovers the sky, and the stars.. 2010) comission of Harry Sparnaay and Jean-Pierre Dupuy, 9'30''


⁃ “ Polymorphisme “ (2009) for percussion quartet, bass clarinets quartet and electronics, premiere in Barcelona in final project of Esmuc, with Georges-Elie Octors as conductor and the collaboration of Harry Sparnaay, 12'


VOICE AND CHOIR (with and without electronics)


- « Back into Nothingness » (2017-18) for actress-singer, choir and electronics, commission by Ircam-Grame and supported by “Aide à l'écriture du Ministère de la Culture et la Communication (France)”. Written in collaboration with Laure Gauthier writer, premiere by Spirito Choir, Anna Clementi soloist and Nicole Corti conductor. Lights and space installation by Giuseppe Frigeni. Festival Archipel, Choeur Spirito, Théâtre National Populaire Coproduction. 42'

⁃ "No more words" (2015) for soprano and electronics. Premiere ain the framework of Soundstreams residency, Toronto. Conservatory Theater by Carla Huhtanen, 6'

⁃ " Hay que rescatarlo " (It must be rescued 2011-12) for mezzosoprano, flute in G and electronics with some textes of "Attendus" from l’Inadéquat of Florence Pazzottu (some fragments of Narcís Comadira and Leonardo Boff). Premiere in la Semaine du Son of Geneva, 12'


⁃ “ Si ambulavero “ (2010) for mixt choir, premiere by Choeur de la Cathédrale of Barcelone. Second Prize of Chorale Compertition of EACC (European Academy for Choral Conductors) organised by Chorverband Österreich. Edited by Helbling Choral Music, 5'


SOLO (with and without electronics)

- « Perì Phýseôs » (2019) for marimba and electronics (tape). Commission by Laurent Mariusse-GMEM. Première at Festival les Musiques

- « De profunditat » (2018) for piano solo, commission by Festival Ensems-ICV (Culture Minister of Valencia), premiere by Lluisa Espigolé at Palau de la Música de Valencia, 6’

- " j'ai perçu ce vol étrange..." for cello solo, commission by Radio France for Alla Breve broadcast and Festival Présences, written and premiered by Anssi Karttunen, Studio 104 of Radio France, Festival Présences 2017 "Kaija Saariaho, un portrait",  11'

⁃ "No more words" (2015) for soprano and electronics. Premiere ain the framework of Soundstreams residency, Toronto. Conservatory Theater by Carla Huhtanen, 6'


⁃ "Orphée-Le bestiaire cycle" (2015) four short pieces for instrumentalist-reciter, two short pieces for lirone, one for Viol and one for double bass (cycle played between early Music pieces), premiere in Amsterdam Conservatory by Julie Stalder


⁃ "Stifle Sounds" (2015) study for saxophone and electronic device (Sampo), Prize-Commission of Musinfo, Bourges. Premiere at “Journées d'Art&Sciences 2015, Bourges by Serge Bertocchi, 6'


⁃ "Naissance des mots" (2015) for cello and electronics. Commission of Marie Ythier for the CD “Le geste augmenté” LAVEL Evidence Classics. Premiere in Strasbourg by Marie Ythier, 7'


⁃ "Red harsh" (2013) for violin and electronics, Cursus 1 piece premiere in ESPRO (Espace de Projection) of IRCAM de Paris by Constance Ronzatti. 7'


⁃ “ Variacions de l'entorn “ (Surrounding variations 2010) for double bass, premiere by Jorge Villar in Geneva, 6'



⁃ "Between the leaves" (2018) for "promenade format" installation with Dan Browne video installation, premiere at Kubus, ZKM, 11'

- "Synthetic Soundscape" (2018) for ambisonics system (acousmatic or installation format), premiere at Kubus, ZKM, 11'

- "Peau Rouge" (2015) tape from percussion and electronics, music for the short film Peau Rouge of Remi Brachet (Fémis-Ludwisbourg), premiere in Arte TV on march 2106


⁃ "La Mue" (2014) tape and real-time electronics for the sound treatment of the chinese pole for a performance of modern circus and theater (4.0), premiere in Pigna (Corsica)


⁃ "Abraxas M" (2013) acousmatic, for the vidéo "Abaraxas" of Dan Browne premiere in Académie Manifeste

(5.1 and stereo), 13'


⁃ “ Quadre “ (Picture 2011) acousmatic 5.1, premiere in Salons d’écoute of Festival Archipel, 11'