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CV - in table form





2001-05 Bachelor degree in piano at the "Conservatori Superior del Liceu" with Professor Margarita Serrat

2001-05 Bachelor degree in theory at the "Conservatori Superior de Badalona" with Professors as Alejandro Civilotti

2006-09 Bachelor degree in composition at the Esmuc (Escola Superior de Musica de Catalunya). Worked two years with Christophe Havel, a year in Geneva with Michael Jarrell and Luis Naón and last year with Mauricio Sotelo. It ended with the maximum qualification in composition

2010-12 Master in Mixed Composition in HEMGE from Geneva with Professors Michael Jarrell, Luis Naón and Eric Daubresse. She has the final project with a piece for orchestra and live electronics, with maximum qualification in composition

2012-13 Cursus 1 for composers at Ircam with Alexander Mihalic as a tutor and musical advices from Mauro Lanza

2013-14 Cursus 2 at the IRCAM in collaboration with Royaumont Fondation for string quartet and electronics working with new spatialization systems in 3D ambisonics, and has been premiered by Quartet Diotima. With Gregoire Lorieux as a tutor, musical advices from Hèctor Parra and technical advices from Markus Noisternig




2005-10 Composition seminars with Helmut Lachenmann, Michael Levinas, David Horn, Lasse Thoressen, Salvatore Sciarrino, Klaus Huber and other

2007-10 She has multidisciplinary projects in Barcelona with painting (instrumental installation at Picasso Museum) and dance (at Institut del Teatre), instrumental projects with BCN216 and the Barcelona Cathedral Choir and commission from the duo Harry Spaarnay and Jean-Pierre Dupuy

2010-13 Play acusmatic multichannel works in the Archipel Festival in Geneva, in Emufest (Roma), SON2012 (Madrid), Mixtur (Barcelona) and others.

2011 She participate in the Villecroze Academy with instrumentists of Klangforum Wien

2012 She worked and wrote pieces for the Contrechamps Ensemble and another for the Geneva Chamber Orchestra in connection with the HEMGE Master, and the orchestral piece is also played in official season from OCG (2013)

2013-14 She has been selected for Manifeste Academy 2013 in 'In Vivo Video' workshop (Ircam-Fresnoy) where she has composed music for the video Abraxas from Dan Browne, that has been played in other occasions in France (MAMCS, Strasbourg, Paris) and Spain (Flix and Sevilla).

2013 Has been selected to Schloss Solitude Summer Cours Academy of Stuttgart with Chaya Czernowin, Steven Takasugi and Daniel Peter Biró where she works with Surplus Ensemble

2013 She has been laureate for Tactus Forum for young composers in Brussels and she has worked with Brussels Philarmonic with Michel Tabacknik as a conductor and Ensemble Musiques Nouvelles

2015 Has been selected for Soundstreams residency (Toronto) with composers Kaija Saariaho and Jean-Baptiste Barrière working with soprano Carla Huhtanen



2013-14 Commission of GENEVA CAMERATA for reciter and ensemble premiered at 'La Comédie' (Geneva)

2014 Commision of BCN216 ensemble for a mixt piece premiered at Palau de la Música Catalana (Barcelona).

2014 She has already worked in a residency in Corsica, a first phase of real-time treating of the Chinese Pool for an actual circus company 'La Mue' of Ode Rosset

2014-15 Commission-prize for saxophone and electronic device from Musinfo Center of Bourges for the 'Journées d'Arts et Sciences' 2015, premiere by Serge Bertocchi

2015 Commission for cello and electronics for the CD “Le Geste Augmenté” of cellist Marie Ythier, Label EVIDENCE CLASSICS

2015 Has participated in the short-film project of Rémi Brachet, between Ludwisburg School and Femis (Paris), project broadcasted in Arte TV

2015 2015 Commission of INAEM (Institut of Performing Arts of Spain) for Ensemble Espai Sonor, Encuentros Tour (Zaragoza, Vigo, Sevilla, Valencia)

2015 Commssion - “Aide à l’écriture d’une oeuvre musicale originale du Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication” for Ensemble Proxima Centauri

2016 Commssion of Radio France for Alla Breve Broadcast and Présences Festival, premiere Anssi Karttunen
2016 Commssion Grame-Pesm Bourgogne for chamber music and electronics in "Créascene2017" framework
2017 Commssion for orchestra and actor go Geneva Camerata orchestra, premiere for the actor Lambert Wilson at Victoria Hall, Geneva

2017-18 Commission of Ircam-Grame with the “Aide à l’écriture d’une oeuvre musicale originale du Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication” for Dramaturgic monodrame "Back into Nothingness" for Spirito Choir and Anna Clementi actress-singer, premiere at TNP in Biennale of Lyon and Archipel Festival (Geneva)

2018 Commission by Festival Ensems-ICV (Culture Department of Valencia) for piano solo, premiered by Lluisa Espigolé at Palau de la Música de Valencia

2018-19 Immesrsif Installation and "Synthetic soundscape", acousmatic ambisonics piece at Kubus of ZKM and at Ircam Forum 2019
2019 Commission of OcazEnigma for quintet, Ensembles Tour 2019 (Zaragoza, Madrid, Logroño, Bilbao)
2019 Commission of CNDM for the Feedback Trio, premiere in Badajoz
2019 Commission of BBVA Festival for the ensemble Sonido Extremo, premiere in Bilbao
2019 Commission of Auditori (Barcelona) for a pedagogic project of Frames Percussion, piece written in collaboration with composer Sirah Martinez

2019-20 Commission of GMEM for voice, piano and electronica, premiere at Festival les Musiques, Opera de Marseille

2019-20 Pedagogic commission for piano of AUBERGENVILLE Conservatory


2020 Commission of Auditori (Barcelone) for orchestra Catalonia National Orchestra OBC

2020-21 Commission of Ircam, Musique Fictions, in collaboration with scene director Anne Montfort




2011-14 She has been awarded in Mexico Competition "Eulalio Ferrer", in the Choir Composition Competition from EACC (European Academy for Choral Conductors) in Graz, in the Prize for instrument and electronic device of Bourges, Tactus Forum of Brussels

2012 Prize of Colegio de España – INAEM 2012 (National Institute of Performing Arts of Spain)

2013 First prize in III Edison-Denisov Competition

2019 Has been selected for ISCM World Music Days for the French Section by Futurs Composés, with her orchestral piece Ad limen caeli

2010-12 She has received the fellowships of HEMGE for the studies of Master in Mix Composition

2012-13 She has received the fellowships from the private Swiss Foundations Barbour and Nicati-de-Luze (2012-13) for cursus 1 studies (Ircam)

2013-14 Fellowship of SACEM for cursus 2 studies (Ircam)

2013-14 Fellowship of Cajamadrid Foundation (2013-14) for cursus 2 studies




2015 Presentation about my music in Matrix, Experimental-Studio, Fribourg

2016 Master-class in Bordeaux Conservatory about my electroacustic and mixt pieces

2016 Conference in "Instituto Cervantes" in Bordeaux about my music

2017 Master-class at Ircam Cursus 1 students with writer-poet Laure Gauthier about our collaboration in « Back into Nothingness »
2017 Presentation-encounter at ICST de ZHdK de Zurich « Utopic space and perception in space »

2017-18 Artistic Research Residency Ircam/ZKM with Marlon Schumacher in Synthesis Sculptures in 3D - Installation and lecture at Kubus (ZKM) and at Ircam Forum 2019
2018 Two seminars-masterclass at Hochschule of Stuttgart about her research and music

2018-2019 Invitation to participate at the colloquiums: « Music- mathematics- Philosophy » exchanges organized by Polytechnique School of Paris

2019 Seminar at Esmuc (Barcelona) about her music2019 Studio 5 -Live at Ircam encounter about Synthesis in Space



2016 Workshop with highschool "Mandela" students in Bordeaux about the piece "Modulations mecaniques" and about Mixt Music

2016 Founder of collectif and practic sessions of "Introduction to mixt music" and "New ways to listening" in Academy Passion Music, Lyon

2016-18 Establishment of master-class and practical sessions of « Contemporary Music- Mixt Music » and « Music for image » at Academy Passion Music, Lyon

2019-20 Pedagogic creatif concert with piano students of Brindas Music School, including a music-history and short improvisations

2020 Pedagogic action « El compositor a l’aula » in collaboration with UAB University and Auditori of Barcelona

2020 Lessons to UAB University for ICE teachers group, about mixt music and pedagogic applications, working with the software AAI (Atelier Audio Ircam), of Gregoire Lorieux



2012-20 She has been invited to be part of juries in "Colegio de España (CIUP)-INAEM » in 2012 and 2018, at Composition Prize and Young Composers Prize of SGAE Fondation 2016, at Music National Prize of Spanish Culture Ministry, and at Artistic Committee of Selection Panel for Faust Conference 2020 of University Paris 8

2012-14 She has published one choral piece with Helbling CHORAL XXI, Tritó Editions and she is now publishing with BABELSCORES (Paris)

She has worked as electronic performer with ensembles as Quatuor Diotima, Ensemble Diagonal, Carla Huhtanen, Ensemble Alquimia, Frames Percussion among others

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